John Dunlap

CrossFit Games Masters Competitor I have been working out regularly for over 20 years and over that time I have tried many different fitness programs. When I started CrossFit
5 years ago I was immediately hooked and have never looked back. I started out on my own doing the workouts wherever I could – at home, at my local gym, at …

adminJohn Dunlap

Ryan S Butler

Pro MMA Fighter I recently decided that I want to step back in the cage and train and fight MMA again. I asked Kevin O’Malley to program my strength and conditioning portion of my training. I had trained at Kevin’s gym Vagabond CrossFit and had made greatstrides in my overall fitness and athletic performance so I was curious if he …

adminRyan S Butler

Chris Mitchell

College Baseball Player I have worked out my whole life, but no one has pushed me to my limits like Kevin. He’s a very knowledgeable trainer who motivated me to get the most out of every workout. Kevin designed a specialized workout to meet my individual needs and give me the strength and explosiveness to excel on the baseball diamond. …

adminChris Mitchell

Angel Oterio

Fitness Athlete I have been doing a personalized program for a few months now and I can honestly say that it has been incredible. Kevin pays much attention to detail and is always striving to make his programming better. This dedicated focus on his end has helped me achive goal after goal. I find myself placing on my goals sheet, …

adminAngel Oterio

Suzi Estey

Marathon Runner Growing up an athlete and a collegiate soccer player, running had always been a means to an end. It was never something I enjoyed doing, but it enabled me to play the sport I loved. Once soccer ended in college I continued running, doing smaller races, and eventually did a couple half marathons. After three half’s it became …

adminSuzi Estey

Kathy Milch

Beginner Marathon Runner + Fitness Athlete I’m a 30+ female athlete. I played semi-pro soccer and experienced a career-ending, devastating injury when I ruptured my Achille’s tendon. I recently discovered Vagabond last April 2012. I met Kevin and appreciated his philosophy in programming. I asked Kevin to train me for the 2013 Boston Marathon in December because of his amazing insight …

adminKathy Milch

Kate Welch

Marathon Runner Having run road races for over the past decade, I decided it was time to try something different and hire a personal trainer to help me achieve my goal of running a half marathon in under 2 hours and to complete a marathon in under 4:30 hours. I heardfrom other members of Vagabond CrossFit that they used Kevin, …

adminKate Welch