Remote Coaching

Individual Programming

This is our main service offering. You will be assessed on your current ability level and prescribed a personalized program designed to evolve your training towards whatever your goal may be. We work with a wide variety of athletes ranging from people who want to compete in CrossFit to sport specific athletes to general fitness athletes.

*In order for you to become a remote coaching client you must have full access to a gym and have competency with working out unsupervised*

Remote coaching includes: your custom program that you will receive as needed. Depending on your goal and how fast your body adapts your program may be designed on a weekly, bi weekly, or monthly basis. You will receive as much email support as you need, and one follow up consultation every 8 weeks. Video assessment, Lifestyle and Nutrition coaching is also included in this option.


Group/Facility Programming

We offer exclusive coaching for fitness facilities on a one on one basis. Within our first meeting, we will do a detailed analysis of your facility, and figure what will work best for your fitness facility, as we go thru our short term and long term goals for your clients.

We will take a step-by-step approach to better your facility, but also give your more time to focus on the business at hand, and not have to worry about daily programming for your facility and clients.

This will also allow you to focus on making relationships with your clients, staff members, and everyone important to you within your business setting. More importantly, it will give you an opportunity to make yourself different from the competition in this fitness industry.

1. Monthly Consults-One Hour in Length
2. Programming designed to fit your facilities needs.
3. Bi-Monthly review of your gyms program + testing
4. Expertise Programming from an experienced Program Designer

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