Kevin O’Malley

Kevin was born and raised in Boston, MA. He has an extensive background in education and has worked in the fitness industry for over seven years.

Kevin has received various certifications from different levels of fitness and has taken a liking to his programming skills while following some of the best minds in the fitness world, from James “OPT” Fitzgerald to Michael Fitzgerald as his online mentors and one of the first persons to get him thinking about intelligent programming and having a rhyme and reason by not guessing, but assessing what you are doing.

In addition to owning and operating Vagabond CrossFit, Kevin is on Staff with the CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Seminar and travels around the country teaching coaches how to coach the Olympic lifts most effectively.

Kevin has established himself as a one of the top CrossFitters in the Northeast Region and continues to pursue this goal today. He actively participates in the Reebok Opens and has qualified and competed in the Northeast Regionals. Kevin is known for his different style of programming, and being able to adhere to everyones ability. Kevin has worked with various athletes ranging from collegiate and professional athletes to elite CrossFitters as their mentor and coach in their journey to reach their goals. He is here to work with you and help you reach all your goals!


CrossFit – Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

CrossFit-Level 2 Trainer

CrossFit – Movement + Mobility

CrossFit – Coaches Prep Course

CrossFit – Gymnastics

CrossFit – Olympic Weightlifting

CrossFit – Endurance and Running

CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Seminar – Staff Instructor on the East Coast Circuit

IKFF Certified Kettlebell Coach

Pose Running Level 1

USAW – Sports Performance Coach

Nutrition -Robb Wolff

American Red Cross – CPR+AED

OPT CCP Physiology/Assessment Module

OPT CCP Program Design Module

OPT CCP Nutrition Level 1

OPT CCP Business Module

OPT CCP Lifestyle

OPT CCP Associate Coach

Gray Cook– Functional Movement Screening Level 1

Gray Cook-Functional Movement Screening Level 2